Diana pursues a Global Decentralized Autonomous Organization (D.A.O.). Anyone in the world can contribute autonomously to Diana regardless of their nationality, age, or place of residence. You can decide what you need to do on your own, and you will be responsible for finishing those tasks. If you cannot complete a task, you have to assign a successor who will continue it, and all of these movements are autonomous. Contributors are given appropriate compensation based on how much they have contributed through the internal capital.

The D.A.O. culture makes Diana unique and dynamic.

D.A.O. 1st Team (2018.02~2019.02)

The first team of global D.A.O. agreed to remain in 'STEALTH MODE' to bring about a quiet yet powerful cataclysm. Whenever we have seen progress and breakthrough solutions in the history of mankind, there have been ‘secret societies’ devoted to selflessness.

That's right.

The first D.A.O. team has decided to become ‘ Together Moon secret agents.’ The Together Moon secret agents will demonstrate the team’s commitment to service opening.

nationality profile image
Jenaro Gajardo Vera

architect & anarchist

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Ojas Bora

Blockchain core expert

nationality profile image
Priyansh Manne

Sever developer

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Kazem Mullah

Front-end developer

nationality profile image
Kayden Tilden

Security expert

nationality profile image
Jeremy Hartley

Data scientist

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nationality profile image
Savannah Laver

Graphic designer

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Stephanie Lee

Community manager

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Laquan Shuai

Business developer

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Isaiah Li Yun Tan

HR recruiter

D.A.O. 2nd Team (2019.03 ~)

We are looking for a second batch of D.A.O. team members to work on a great project that will return the Moon to mankind. We think it is too narrow to limit your talent to the Earth, and we are looking for a free soul to help achieve our cosmic innovations.

You can participate in the entirety of the Diana project. You can also create and support the area that suits your talents.

  • Moon registration system™ ver2.0
  • Mainnet development
  • National operator of the Together Moon Movement Headquarters
  • Planner for the Together Moon campaign
  • International Space Lawyer
  • Community creation and operation
  • DIANA Executive team / Marketing / PR / HR
  • Etc.

Together Moon Movement Headquarters

The "Together Moon Movement Headquarters" is a nonprofit organization that protects the Moon, a common heritage site of mankind, from a monopoly by any particular country or organization.
We organize a global grassroots movement to protect the right of mankind to equally possess the moon.


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Except for commercial purposes, you can download and use it for free.

DIANA logo intro video(MP4)
DIANA concept video(MP4)
Together Moon campaign
  • Together Moon
  • Together Moon is a global grassroots movement to protect the moon together. It is DIANA’s main slogan.


In this section, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions

answer An ERC-20 token based on ethereum, a decentralized crypto currency that coins the Moon's registry. The name of the project is Diana, and the symbol is Dia & Mond.
answer To enable the realization of 3 key values: technical/economic/ethical.

1. Technical value:
a) Establishment of the first blockchain Moon registry station
b) Introduction of registration on distributed ledgers based on blockchain
c) Moon-specific ‘3word address algorithm’

2. Social Value:
a) The collective ownership of a Common heritage site of mankind
b) Ownership of decentralized land assets
c) Equal opportunity for wealth

3. Economic Value:
a) Publishing of crypto currency notes so that technical demonstrations (Moon registration system) and social demonstrations (Moon ownership) are circulated
b) Economic demonstration with strong motivation and stable risk (Low Risk, High Return)
c) Achievement of wealth distribution through Token economy
answer To decentralize Moon registration and issue a cosmic cryptocurrency to the participating citizens. Through this, Moon ownership, which is the common property of mankind, is to be returned to the citizenry rather than a centralized interest group(nation or organization). This is a global citizen movement.

▶ Goal

● Issuance of Cosmic Crypto Currency(C.C.C.)
● Decentralization of Moon ownership through citizen participation
● Civil revolutions for space assets

▶ Objective

● Blockchaining of Moon registration
● Establishing the basis for ownership of the moon through registration(acquisitive prescription of registration ledger)
● Issuance of DIA as proof of registration
answer Unlike a district's address system, which consists of roads and buildings, a new address system had to be established because the Moon does not have these things. The Moon's addressing system was inspired by the what3words model and optimized based on it.

Diana 3-word address system
1. Divide the surface of the Moon into 10,000 m² cells and give it a three-word address. a. It is similar to the IP address scheme (
2. Combine words in the order of [noun, verb, noun] to create a meaningful and unique address system. Each word has a maximum length of 20 characters (luke.iam.yourfather)
3. For each 10,000 m², there is one matching [noun, verb, noun] address
4. Address assignation is automatic, but can be manually assigned
answer According to Article 2 of the United Nations Universal Space Law, ratified in 1967, "the Moon and celestial bodies are not owned by any nation" and are a common property of mankind.

There are places selling areas of the Moon, claiming that the Moon belongs to an individual.

Their argument is that individuals can claim ownership because the outer space treaty states that "the Moon and celestial bodies are not owned by any nation," and does not specify individuals. However, as a result of consulting with international lawyers, the answer that “Particular individuals can not own the Moon. Such a claim is fraud,” is a common conclusion.

Diana has no ownership of the Moon.

In the future, it will be economically feasible to extract resources from space by developing an inexpensive projectiles such as reusable rockets. When this happens, there will inevitably be disputes over the ownership of space resources.

Before a particular country or capital occupies the Moon and takes ownership (Acquisitive Prescription Law), we need a blockchain moon registration and to make the Moon a common asset for citizens who are not under a specific interest group(acquisitive prescription of register).

As more citizens participate, Moon ownership becomes a reality. Diana is a civil movement for Moon ownership.
answer Currently, Moon registry doesn’t mean ownership itself.
For future ownership, DIANA plans to
- contend collective ownership with registration of a distributed ledger as it's basis
- invest and have trials for actual occupation of the Moon
answer The surface of the Moon is finite. The DIA issuance for registry of the Moon's surface is limited to 2 billion pieces.

Moreover, to give more benefits to early participants at DIANA, registry price for issuance quantities will be in different grades by sections. This setting was designed to enable early participants to have higher profits than those who join later.
answer Price is fixed.

However, the scarcity of the actual address set from the 3-word-address system itself, or the tokens for locations of the Apollo spacecraft landing zone and Neil Armstrong’s footprint may enjoy a premium in the market.
answer It is rather the opposite. DIANA issuance is designed to give more benefits to early participants.

Initially, the registry price is set at only 1 dollar, but price will increase according to the price table after 1,000,000 pieces are issued. The earlier you register, the more you can maximize your economic benefits. Therefore, if you purchase,

it is essential to recommend it to your friends.
answer Diana issues two types of tokens.
● DIA : Registry token
● MOND : Actual trading token

Main reasons are:

1. DIA is a coin for registration certification; therefore, DIA cannot be divided.
2. MOND plays the trading role, therefore it has the functions of cryptocurrency (super-segmental function). The DIA token is issued upon registry and can be purchased with cryptocurrency or fiat money. As DIA is the registration certification for the Moon, it cannot be divided.

External transactions or money transactions of DIA occur after exchange with the MOND token. The exchange rate for DIA to MOND is 1: 1. The DIA can only be exchanged as an integer and cannot be split. Exchanges from DIA to MOND can take place after 31 days and exchanges from MOND to DIA can be done immediately.

DIA’s liquidity is bound for 31 days and voting power is given to contribute in the community through a loyalty based system.
Stage1 will be opened first, and Stage2 will follow after.
answer The issuance amount of DIANA tokens is based on the amount of Moon registration.

The total issuance amount is limited to two billion pieces. The registry cost of the coin is set in different grades by sections for issuance quantities, and follows the table below.
answer Bitcoin was the world’s first encryption asset and is called digital gold.

Nonetheless, the public still worries about the volatility of Bitcoin prices. As DIANA is the world’s first to blockchainify the Moon's registration and issue coins, it pursues a risk-free asset with inherent value.
answer DIANA carries the meaning of ‘light’.

In Roman and Greek mythology, Diana was a worshipped as the ‘goddess of the Moon’. MOND signifies Moon in German.
answer The Chinese character ‘Moon’ (月, yuè) comes from the cycle of the Moon. It was modeled after the waning Moon’s shape to distinguish it from the sun. The DIANA brand symbol is based on the Moon’s first hieroglyph and symbolizes the blockchain’s integrity and internal connection of the nodes.
answer Visit the Registry menu at and register by selecting the quantity and location on the Moon. Payment may be completed through cryptocurrency or credit card.
answer DIANA will not process an ICO. As was written in Chris Dixon’s column ‘Tokens: A breakthrough in Open Network’, ICO's are a model that attracts capital in the beginning of a business without the company having to go through the rough road of an IPO.

An ICO processes financial investment before service value is created. This helps companies try challenging services. The prerequisite is getting over the financial value by increasing service value. However, realistic problems occur here. Most of the projects cannot create service value and then the subscriber(investor) is subject to financial loss.

To take out the ethical burden, DIANA launched its service first.
answer Diana is the world's first Public Registry Ledger, decentralized by block-chaining the Moon's registration system. Therefore, people who think that they have bought land on the Moon should register separately as well.
answer DIANA Holders legally entrust DIANA for future ownership claims.

With this delegation, DIANA aims to appoint a professional space legal team, and to process group ownership claims systematically in the long term.
answer The registry profits will all be used to achieve DIANA’s goals. The purpose of Diana is to prevent a monopoly on the Moon by nations and organizations so that mankind collectively owns its common heritage, and to provide equal opportunities for Moon ownership to the citizens of the world.

Activities will be processed by level and the details are as follows.

- Upgrade of the lunar registry system
- Establishment of nonprofit foundation ‘Together Moon Movement Headquarters’ and operation of global branch
- Development of civic activities for treaty ratification of ‘Together Moon’
- Formation of legal team for ‘Together Moon’ and institutionalization of legal principles
- Business investment and processing for moon occupation
- Development of main network
- Related activities
answer The benefits for citizens who registered a part of the Moon can be seen through short-term benefits and long-term benefits. For short-term benefits, there are economic benefits and emotional satisfaction.

- Economic benefits: Moon registry certifying coin ‘DIA’ will be acquired and economic benefits can be anticipated through token economy vitalization. DIA is a rising value token that can freely be traded between individuals.
- Emotional benefits: An address you assigned on the Moon, that has been longed for by humanity for thousands of years, will be recorded forever through blockchain. By engraving your love and precious feelings on the Moon personally, emotional fullness can be obtained.

For long-term benefits, economic benefits and historic benefits are present.

- Together with the citizens of the world, the ‘Together Moon’ cause can be advanced through the Moon registry. With this, it can play an important part in blocking the monopoly on the various resources of the Moon and in space. This will become an innovative benefit that forms a front line in the process human history.
- Moreover, ‘Together Moon’ provokes an increasing interest for the Moon and space, and contributes to progressing related technology development. This means that Moon citizens are granted the first opportunities to participate in space travelling, residence movement into space, and space development in the near future.
answer The current blockchain cryptocurrency market has an abnormal structure with a high risk of price change from price manipulation and unfair practices. DIANA aims to provide a fundamental solution to this problem. DIANA’s increasing price policy by issuance amount blocks investments from degenerating into speculation. It is a delicate design that aims to increase investor reliability by creating a healthy market. DIANA’s pricing policy is in a structure that has a constant increase of registry price as the number of participants increases. This is to provide large economic benefits to early participants.

Also, it is designed to enable checking the future value rise in the market to prevent a margin of exposure from price manipulation and more. It provides dynamic value increase for all market participants. At the same time, it is an innovative approach to blocking misuse as a means of speculation.


DIANA campaign started from a global grassroots movement. If you have questions, inquiries, or need support, please contact us. As we are a decentralized autonomous organization, it may affect the service a little. Please understand.

Please copy the link or code and send it to your friends. Whenever your friends register DIANA, you can receive 20% of the registry price as compensation.

We Were Featured

DIANA was featured in a number of the most important press & tech magazines throughout the world.


DIANA’s schedule is divided into blockchain and the Moon.

Moon schedule

Blockchain schedule

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